Monday, February 13, 2006

Defending against errors

Being an actual rugby player, I like my sports big, tough, and overwhelmingly blond. Therefore, I'd play ice hockey. Maybe not goalie, but definetely defense.

I started out fast with early morning insomnia Friday, then Friday evening plans were cancelled, and without a hangover Saturday had no option but to knit ALL DAY. I had started knitting the trellis sweater back but made some errors so have paused on that piece until Grace can teach me how to fix wandering rows. I managed to complete the front right piece and have taken a break from the project until tomorrow. I made no errors on the right front making me think my only problems will be seaming and blocking. Stop laughing at me. No seriously, stop laughing at me!


Blogger Jenny said...

Hi! Jenny here of the Two Trellises.
I followed your link over... When it came to that center back panel, I kept screwing it up, so I made the executive decision to just change it to a seed stitch panel. I'll try to post a close up photo for you. It still looks good.

7:24 AM  

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