Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Join Team Philly!

Is everyone ready to cast-on! Let's go Philly! Let's show the world what we can do. Are we simply cheesesteak eaters, with grease dribbling down our chins? No! Are we just the land of Boo Birds and battery-throwing crazy Philly Fanatics? Of course not! Is our speech peppered with Yo! Coulda shoulda woulda . . . do we drink wudder? Well, maybe . . . but, the bottom line is, we are a thriving knitting community, and we should collectively go for the gold.

To join Team Philly, click on the Team Philly button on the sidebar, and email me from my homepage, Knit and the City. Include your email address, homepage, etc. Start posting your training, the sweat and tears you've put into your swatches, the agony of choosing the right yarn, the right event, the hours of training . . . ok, Philly natives are sometimes dramanistas.

So, Go Philly, and Yo Adrienne - we did it!


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