Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OK Philly Style

I wanted to wait until I had my own post up on my own blog before I moved over here to do my happy dance. :) Olympic Knitting (OK) has been a real pleasure at my house. Both Sue and I are participating and we've both gotten alot more done than even we expected.

After finishing the sleeves, I cast on the body yesterday.. it took me about a billion tries (I always had waaaay too much or waaaay too little). Sue chugged along on her first pair of socks. They look really nice and I think she will enjoy wearing them.

Here's is a pic of me Friday nite at dinner trying to get some OK in before we got our food. :) Sorry for the blur.. we only brought in the camera phone. Keep knitting everyone!


Blogger Wendy said...

First socks on 1's is quite an Olympian feat! Glad to see the knitting is going well, and hope to see more of your happy dance!


12:54 PM  

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