Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Straddling the Gate

So Bodie crapped out in the combined, hitting a gate, and getting DQ'd, and I, too, straddled a gate, got tangled up in Debbie Bliss's directions, and my race to the gate came to a screeching halt. If I had any hope of finishing by Friday, I needed to get the back done last night. I thought about starting the front, but as you can see, my skein isn't wound, and I was foiled.
I called Robin, in a panic, not even considering for a minute that she might actually be out enjoying Valentine's Day with her new beau (don't worry, Jay and I did have our traditional Valentine's Day wings at Tangier, and we even took our relationship to a new level, and also indulged in the beer battered chili cheese fries). But, kindly, taking pity on my interrupted Olympic knitting, she called me back from her cab. Unfortunately, she could not decipher the back buttonhole issue (since there's no picture of the back of the garment, and it's not something that won't just slip over th baby's head), I'm perplexed. There will be emergency faxing going on today, and hopefully, I'll be able to compete in the next alpine event.


Blogger purlewe said...

OK, I'm nosey...

what do the directions say.. perhaps I can help...

6:37 AM  

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