Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bobsledding Bach

Bobsledding Bach here.

The head of the bear is done. If AC Moore hadn't been closed due to "electrical problems," I would have been able to purchase the stuffing and it would actually look a bit more a bear instead of something Maggie ate. So all that is left are the ears and the arms...I'll post another photo when it is done.

I have discovered that watching old episodes of "Southpark" on my video IPOD makes the day go by just that much faster...I'll have to be sure to download some other episodes before Jury Duty.

Knit on Ya'll!


Blogger Melissa said...

I actually rode the bobsld up in Lake Placid last winter and it was a very lou, noisy, expensive experience. But going from flat to on you side back to flat again in under 2 seconds is really freaky. I really laughed with your comments about "looks like something someone ate".

8:32 PM  

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